Thursday, October 29, 2009

an evening out with my family..

my mom gets her pay today so we decided to go to One Utama n celebrates my father n mine's bday and also for my father who had successfully graduated for his MBA course. u could say that its a combined celebration. lol... it's been a tradition to celebrate our bday at Chili's. n i personally LURVE Chili's... lol, the mashed potato, the mushroom jack, the fajitas nachos are just YUMMY!!! lol.. here's da celebrated man n his wife!! lol.. (>_<)

p.s.: luv ya mama n papa.. <3


farysa said...

sepetang ko di OU aku di KLCC ke?

petite said...

yea2.. btul sama skali. hehe.. ko lg best. mesti ko shopping sakan kat sana. hehhe.. :D