Monday, October 26, 2009

hate it when i cant help u..

dang. i'm unhappy right now. i just read one of my best friend's blog n i've discovered that she's unhappy right now. it seems that she had shut herself in her shell n refused to let anyone in. hmm.. i wonder what i can do for her? at a time like this, my heart ache to reach out n help her. she doesn't reply my messages n ym. what should i do? if i have done sumthng to make u sad, then i'm sorry. i really am. its from da bottom of my aching heart. it makes me sad to see my friends in pain and i wish that all of ur problems would be washed away, yet i have no power to do that. please Allah, bring peace to my friend's heart. i will never stop praying for ur happiness my dear friend. everyone including u deserve happiness, my precious friend. Amin.


~BaBYHEarTY ~ said...

emm.. i think i know who is dat person..
me also hv try to convince her to accept the takdir coz there must be a hikmah waitin' for her.. however, it is hard.. fortunately, she has taken the problem in +ve point of view.. alhamdulilah..

petite said...

yup2.. very fortunately, i'll always pray 4 her success. amin. :D