Monday, October 19, 2009

do u noe???

hahaa.. yea well, we hav a fam gathering today at my uncle's house. my mom decided to make some corn pudding n a new pudding that she had learned just recently-rainbow pudding. hehe, da thing is, my toklong is da kind of person who would want to try all of da new dishes dat she heard n dats why, she, n her bestfriend-my grandma-came to my house in da morning.. they were like a small child, arguing n comparing to each other for da contest of 'who makes da preetiest rainbow pudding'.. yea well, i'm amused with them actually.. ahaha.. n then, my dad started to start our new juicer machine to make some apple n markisa juice. all of a sudden, my grandma started to ask "Na, bla beli mesin tu?" n my mom was like "bru je beli, kat tesco." my grandma was like really interested n started to ask for da price. at dat time, my dad n i were looking at each other with a knowing look. n our suspicion where confirmed when suddenly she said dat she would like to buy a juicer machine to!! hahhaa.. yea well, what to do?? ahaha.. of course she'll get what she wants. hehe. dats my granmother. ahahhaha.. yea well, getting on with da story, today is a fun day, in da afternoon, i went to my friend, Farha's house. there, i met up with Nazihah n Ilya. my old schoolmate. I really miss them. we just catch up with each others' developments n gossips. lol.. :D

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