Tuesday, December 29, 2009


food poisoning.
muscle ache.
mc for 1 day.
sleeping for 1 whole day.
seriously xlarat.
taubat xmakan YONG TOU FU da!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

wassup wassup peeps???!!

Hey there!!! Lol, it has been a long time since i updated my blog. It has been a hectic week for me. With all the research papers, the every class presentation of the science of hadith class (i’m just sooooooooo freakin stress in this class), n soooo much more. i’m merely updating my blog coz farissa had asked about it when we’re on the phone this evening. So, why not i update my beloved blog yea? :D

Hmmm, let’s see, for starters. Last week, my family n i went to Sungai Petani for my makcik Baya’s wedding. My family go on without me first coz i have to attend my class. So, abg uda n abg emi fetch me at my mahallah n sent me home. I crashed in at my makcik’s house which is just a few blocks away from my home. My

journey to kedah is kind of dull, coz yea i don’t have much to do anyway. Lol.. When we’ve arrived, its already twilight there. However, its fun considering that i can meet my relatives from both of my parents’ sides. We crashed at mak teh house in Bertam so i get to meet my cousins, abg fifi, affan, n adik shah there. The wedding goes on without a hitch. Alhamdulillah. Here are some of the pictures taken on that day.

see my paklong over there??
he's actually holding a built in video cam in a ball pen.
lol, but he looks kinda weird though carrying dat ball point pen around n holding it like like dat. lol.. (>_<)

at last, a picture with my beloved bff, my mom!!! <3

Going on to this week, its Christmas break n i’ve decided to go back home on Friday evening bcoz i wanna spend my time studying first n then enjoying later (how lame can i get huh?? ;p). Its okay i guess to be staying alone in my room until i’ve felt Goosebumps rising at the back of neck. Lol, so i went to spent the night at anisah’s room (thanx nisah!!! U’re the best!! Ahhaha.. :p). On Friday evening, my cousins, namely abg uda n abg emi fetch me from my mahallah n off we go to plaza law yat for awhile. Abg uda needed to repair one of his client’s laptop’s screen that have been exposed to the rain. Lol.. so, we just roam around the mall n go to sungei wang plaza coz they wanted to bring me to this interesting Korean n Japanese shop. I instantly searched for a mirror to buy coz i have to bring a mirror for my linguistic class this Monday. Just my luck, i happened to come across beautiful designs that have a butterfly on top of it. The decorations n colour n such was almost identical to one sold in Maggie-T. So, i bought it coz its only in rm5!!! Hahaha, i’m so content with myself. Haha, i also bought a stainless steel chopsticks that have a flowered design on it. Thanx to my cuzs for bringing me there. :D

p.s.: ni hah, ko nak tgk kan farissa?? hehehee.. :p

at saturday, my friends had organized a get together meeting at one of the mamak shops in TTDI. we're just hanging out like the old times. damn, i really miss the old days where we would joke around, doing silly stuff, and laugh together. it really is a day to be remembered. luv ya guys!!!

from the left: addah, hanis, me, ilya, naz, farha, ika.
p.s: i'm sooo chubby!!! hahaha.. ;p

Friday, December 11, 2009

ta'ruf n 1st week as a University student!!! (cont.)

haha, memandangkan xmuat nak ltk gmbr byk2 kat dlm 1 post, i've converted this post to 2 posts. hehe.. here's the pictures that farissa had edited and published it in her blog.

ta'ruf n 1st week as a University student!!!

Hey there peeps!!! its been a long time yah?? its been ages since i last updated my blog n yea, i'm kinda missing it a lot. hahaa.. ta'aruf week is like the torturing week 4 me n my friends, but we're alive. it was soooooo TIRING!!!! hmm, here's some of da pictures dat we've taken on our ta'aruf week.