Wednesday, July 7, 2010

argh!!!!!! why la my shoe size is too small????

sob2. this is no joke. i'm totally and officially devastated because i have a verrryyyyy SMALL FEET!!!! punya la susah nak cri size kasut yg btul2 padan. da pusing satu One Utama. but still. no deal. klu nak ada pun, at charles and keith. tp yg tuh yg agk mahal skit la. its my luck i guess. nasib baik la dpt jmp a pair yg muat. but its cotton's on. okay la. da la the last pair. Alhamdulillah. tp tu pun agak besar skit. sob2. sedih2. (T_T). what should i do??? xkan la setiap kali nak beli kasut, i have to search in the kids department??????!! even my skeachers shoes are from the kiddies area. damn. sedih2. kids's shoes are not bad, but its hard to actually find a pair that doesn't give away the fact that it is made for kids. what to do??? what to do????