Friday, February 11, 2011

haaaa, with the help from my friend zati, we came up with this:

This is just a hobby of mine and it is very fortunate to have IZZATI to help me with this when i encountered my writers block. its just an inferior work compared to others. I'm just a learning student after all.

Actively flashing out his bright smile whenever he came, (spastic je.hehe)
Bought an iphone 4 but is still not content so far, (nak iphone 5 pulak tu)
Gadgets and various kinds of software and hardware fill his beloved car.

Driving a Kelissa as if it were a real Mini Cooper S (>.*)
Arguing with us as if he is a child in a daycare (hahahahaa)
Undeniably wicked with his chosen words and teasing,
Silat Cekak Hanafi is one of his strongest skills in teaching.

P.S: hahahahhaaaa, poem ini di-dedicated-kan kpd our jurulatih, abg daus sebab slalu menyakat budak2 tamat. enjoy!! (>.*)

shaf: u ada suruh i buat kan? haha

acrostic poem for the name MR. MAZLAN.

hahaa.. just trying my skills here okay.

Man of his words are hard to find
Raised his students to be the best of the best

Masochistic or a sarcastic type of lecturer?
Ah, all of it is just a way to
Zap up the students self-esteem for that he knows
Love of a lecturer are very unique
Aiding students are the best of his interest
Naming him as a good 'mu'alim'.

p.s: uhh, i know this is bad coz i have use way too much time doing anything but studying and brushing up my english skills, so pardon me yea?.