Friday, February 11, 2011

haaaa, with the help from my friend zati, we came up with this:

This is just a hobby of mine and it is very fortunate to have IZZATI to help me with this when i encountered my writers block. its just an inferior work compared to others. I'm just a learning student after all.

Actively flashing out his bright smile whenever he came, (spastic je.hehe)
Bought an iphone 4 but is still not content so far, (nak iphone 5 pulak tu)
Gadgets and various kinds of software and hardware fill his beloved car.

Driving a Kelissa as if it were a real Mini Cooper S (>.*)
Arguing with us as if he is a child in a daycare (hahahahaa)
Undeniably wicked with his chosen words and teasing,
Silat Cekak Hanafi is one of his strongest skills in teaching.

P.S: hahahahhaaaa, poem ini di-dedicated-kan kpd our jurulatih, abg daus sebab slalu menyakat budak2 tamat. enjoy!! (>.*)

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