Thursday, October 29, 2009

an evening out with my family..

my mom gets her pay today so we decided to go to One Utama n celebrates my father n mine's bday and also for my father who had successfully graduated for his MBA course. u could say that its a combined celebration. lol... it's been a tradition to celebrate our bday at Chili's. n i personally LURVE Chili's... lol, the mashed potato, the mushroom jack, the fajitas nachos are just YUMMY!!! lol.. here's da celebrated man n his wife!! lol.. (>_<)

p.s.: luv ya mama n papa.. <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i can't believe it!!

woah!!! my grandparents just boarded their bus. the thing is, i'm quite shocked bcoz my grandma suddenly gave me rm50!! haha... i noe dat its not a big deal. but for me, its hard for us (da not so favourite granchildren) to get that much money from her. haha.. she usually favors my other cousins. n well, hahaa.. Thanx to Allah for her thoughtfullness.. n now, i can buy my new facial foam.
hahaha.. :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

lol.. another one from jiji.. :D

yea well, here's another one. it's from 18th March.

i may come n go, but no doubt im ther for you. i may not always b able to make ur day, but no doubt i try hard to make sure u r ok, i may treat you wrongly sometimes, but no doubt i feel guilty afterwards, i may say d wrong things at d wrong time, but no doubt i try making it up by saying d right things at d right time. anis amira rosdi i love you and i hope you do take care, hope to see you soon, lots of kisses and hugs.

p.s: jiji, hahaha, i look like a stalker no? it was like i stored nearly all of ur thoughtful messages.. lol.. :D

hmm.. luv ya JIJI!!!

yea well, i was browsing through my messages just a while ago and i encountered a msg sent by Jiji on 20th Oct. i just wanna share it coz it is thoughtful of her to send me this msg. even though we rarely contacted each other, we have a mutual understanding about each other. hahaa.. anyway, here is the msg:

just bcuz today is a terrible day doesn't mean tomoro won't b d best day of our life. live well dearie. oh n tersgt lar terharu on ur blog entry. love, jiji.

love u too jiji!! xoxo

hate it when i cant help u..

dang. i'm unhappy right now. i just read one of my best friend's blog n i've discovered that she's unhappy right now. it seems that she had shut herself in her shell n refused to let anyone in. hmm.. i wonder what i can do for her? at a time like this, my heart ache to reach out n help her. she doesn't reply my messages n ym. what should i do? if i have done sumthng to make u sad, then i'm sorry. i really am. its from da bottom of my aching heart. it makes me sad to see my friends in pain and i wish that all of ur problems would be washed away, yet i have no power to do that. please Allah, bring peace to my friend's heart. i will never stop praying for ur happiness my dear friend. everyone including u deserve happiness, my precious friend. Amin.

Monday, October 19, 2009

do u noe???

hahaa.. yea well, we hav a fam gathering today at my uncle's house. my mom decided to make some corn pudding n a new pudding that she had learned just recently-rainbow pudding. hehe, da thing is, my toklong is da kind of person who would want to try all of da new dishes dat she heard n dats why, she, n her bestfriend-my grandma-came to my house in da morning.. they were like a small child, arguing n comparing to each other for da contest of 'who makes da preetiest rainbow pudding'.. yea well, i'm amused with them actually.. ahaha.. n then, my dad started to start our new juicer machine to make some apple n markisa juice. all of a sudden, my grandma started to ask "Na, bla beli mesin tu?" n my mom was like "bru je beli, kat tesco." my grandma was like really interested n started to ask for da price. at dat time, my dad n i were looking at each other with a knowing look. n our suspicion where confirmed when suddenly she said dat she would like to buy a juicer machine to!! hahhaa.. yea well, what to do?? ahaha.. of course she'll get what she wants. hehe. dats my granmother. ahahhaha.. yea well, getting on with da story, today is a fun day, in da afternoon, i went to my friend, Farha's house. there, i met up with Nazihah n Ilya. my old schoolmate. I really miss them. we just catch up with each others' developments n gossips. lol.. :D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a day out with aishah...

i met aishah today.. finally!! hehee.. da lama da xjmp mnh sorang nih.. rindu btul kat dia.. so, i met her with her maksu n kak long. its fun. we just fill in da time just roaming around ou n catch up with da past.. luv ya aishah.. :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

oohhh tidak!!!

OMG!! my grandparents r coming tomorow.. my makcik n paksu r both in a dilemma coz they noe dat my granparents would target their house, not ours.. kesian makcik, call mama dgn rasa susah hati.. ehehehe.. nak buat mcm mna, cucu kesyangan, syauqi kat situ.. pastu of course la nak pi umah anak kesayangan jgk.. paksu tunggu je la eh nenek dtg?? hehehe.. rumah kteorg xpopular sgt sbb ye la, kteorg nih biasa je.. hehee.. asal nenek xbising.. hehe.. gudluck la kpd mereka yg akn mendgr nenek ku membebel.. saya lari dlu.. :D

my BELOVED friends..

hmm.. this post is what i called as a tribute to my closest friends.. lol.. 1st of all, my best friend from my MRSM days till now, miss NAJIHAH HAMZAH a.k.a JIJI.. i luv as my dearest friend bcoz of her support n her patience in enduring my crappy attidude. lol.. should i say that during my MRSM years, i'm an emotional wreck. lol, n da person who's always at my side is of course my darling JIJI.. i lurve her tutorial but i'm just clueless in editing my pics so, she's da one who is responsible for all da lovely pic dat she has edited for me. she's also one of my fashion advisor, coz to me, she is like a trend setter.. lol.. ur fashion is kinda updated. lol.. luv ya JIJI.. hope our friendship last yah?? i lurve ur style n u as well. i lurve dis pic of u..

the 2nd one, i dedicated to miss FARISSA FISOL a.k.a FARISSA.. lol.. i've got to known her since my 1st sem in CFS IIUM, coz we nearly hav all da classes together. yea well, she is da opposite of me, just like JIJI is n she has her own (shall i say) unique character. lol, she is kinda moody sumtimes (heh, sorry weyh) but yea it is her personality so i dont mind at all. hmm, she is also my fashion advisor?? lol.. one of my fashion advisor coz i admit dat i hav a lousy taste in fashion. hahaha.. she luv to capture herself in pic n she is one of da girls yg pantang tgk cermin. klu nmpk cermin je, trus bwk kuar hp nak tgkp gmbr. hahaa.. tau la ko lawa kan?? future datin la katakan. nway, ur taste of fashion r (slightly... :D) more expensive than me lah.. yea la, ak beli bundle je. dpt diskaun. hahaha.. ko py taste, LV, MNG, ZARA, CROCS, xmain la murah2. hahaaa.. jgn marah eh?? hehe.. nway, i luv dis pic of u. (ni edit bg nmpk putih je tuh).. hehhee.. mesti ko kata ak dengki kat ko nih.. hahaha..

last but not least of course, is to my friend since i'm in standard 5 at primary school, TEH NOR AISHAH MOHD IKMAL a.k.a AISHAH.. she had endured n suffured a great deal in her life n that is her main quality that amazes me. yea, sorry if i make sumthng dat upset u in da past. she's always by my side n humble in every way. its just so unfair that we couldnt see each other for a long time. luv ya. hope our friendship last 4ever.. amin. dis pic was taken 2 years ago n its da last time i've seen her but we still keep contacting each other..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

saya mau laptop saya...

yea well, actually my mom had taken control over my laptop. she's addctd to watch hana yori dango. lol.. what to do? she actually said to me: "jgn kcu mama nak tgk cite nih. papa xmau bagi guna, ye la.. mama tau la mama xde laptop (muka sedih mntk simpati), xpe la klu xnak bagi...., tapi esok mama xmau bwk korang smua pegi Kluang!".. fuiyoohh.. xleh blah btull.. last2, as a good duaghter la kan, i hav to give in.. heh.. =D

Monday, October 12, 2009

hmm.. i'm confused.. what to buy for jiji?? huh?? hmm... a cardi mayB? or a shoe? or a book?? lol.. hmm.. she aked me to buy that is uhh.. pop eccentric?? what's that?? ahhaa.. i'm so clueless bout fashion thingy.. do forgive me my dear jiji.. lol.. i'll try my best to figure out what to get for ya yah?? :D

yeah!! my dad have successfully graduated!!

lol.. my dad actually said to me "jgn ltk ape2 dlm blog.. buat malu papa je..". however, what the heck??? lol.. i'm just so damn excited n thankful to Allah for his success. my dad just received his MBA in business admin. lol, all the best PAPA!!! luv ya so much!! lol.. actually, my mother n i entered the hall to watch my father receiving his scroll or wtvr. it is in such long HOURS!!! we're so bored with the ceremony what with the formality thingy n the gamelan n yada2... a guy next to me actually falls asleep n SNORES!! lol, its quite funny actually when suddenly out of nowhere, someone just snores. not to mention, he brought a can of soya bean n many more. lol.. but then, what do u expect from a graduation ceremony? da name goes on and on, n my mother was like "bila nak habis ni? mama ngantuk la. ish, lapar jugak nih. anis ada gula2 x?.". n i was like "duh, mama ni.. anis xterpikir nak bwk gula2 pun.. heh.. bertahan je la ma..". heh, my dad said that he want me to be motivated by seeing da graduands successfully graduated from the university. well, to tell u da truth, i'm motivated to graduate succesfully too. i want to make my parents proud of me. yah? ahaha.. da valedictorian's speech were so touching. i like his speech. its an inspiring and a touching speech. my mom cried when he mentioned about his family, his parents' effort to bring him up. da veledictorian is bro Muhamad Farid bin Sani n he is a graduated student from the bachelor of dietetics course. Good speech bro!! lol.. nway, of course we take several picture for memories. n my dad look like we've gained several pounds. yeah well, we're in a good mood after all.. lol.. :D

Monday, October 5, 2009


yea, kill me. i've decided to create my own blog. Dang! ahaha.. it's just dat i'm sooo bored. hmm, what to talk?? i've no idea. hmm, my life just revolves around me, my family, my friends n my cats. dat's kinda sad rite? lol. i dont care. what i noe is dat i'm happy with my life rite now n i don't giv a damn on what people think of me. yup. i noe dat i don't look like i'm 19 years of age rite?? well, ahaa... so what?? i still could go to theme parks n ride the roller coaster n such coz my height are slightly more than da required height. lol.. dat's just sooo SAD!!