Saturday, January 23, 2010

at last!!!!

I'm home! I'm home! I'm home! hahahahahhahaa.. (gaya mcm jarang balik rumah je. padahal every week balik ) heh, yup2! its mid-break for iium's students ya all. but dang!!! research papers, term papers, assignments, mid-sem exm.. yada yada! what should i do? nama je cuti mid-sem tp busy dgn keje. ish2. anis.. anis.. ape lagi?? pegi la buat keje tuh. hahaha..

xpe2, nnt dlu. for now, i wanna rest rest my mind, my soul, and my body. sigh, bila la nak dpt duet ptptn nih? ish, i wanna buy sumthng nice for my friend/sister/ank kwn mama. her name's Atifa and she's a lovely gurl. recently she've just finished her pmr examination and had just gotten her results. i'm happy for achievement and sad for her too coz she REAAAALLLLYYYYY wanted to go to Sri Putri boarding school. but, heck no. don't feel sad my dear sister coz mayB there's a hikmah for u for not going there. hmm.. i've just decided on her present n i wanna buy a big teddy for her. once she had told me that she reallllyyyy wanted a huggable teddy coz her sister and brother had one of those. she feel uncomfortable on sharing those teddy coz they are not hers anyway. this one time when hang out with me at OU to watch New Moon, we started the hunt for a teddy. unfortunately, the teddys there are all very expensive and she doesn't hav enough money to buy one. so, as a big and verry kind sister(perasan la plak.. :p) i wanna buy a big teddy for her bday and her reward for her pmr results. hehehe.. just u wait k ifah?? nnt kak anis bg hadiah kat ifah!! thanx for the books that u gave me! they're lovely. :D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

new cat!!!! yeay!! (>_<)

yeay!!! we've got a new cat last night. my mom's friend, auntie haziah had given my mom a persian cat to be cared. its a russian cat. its name is wonderboy a.k.a boyie. hahahahah.. i think so lar. lol. but, he's sooooooo thin!!! its really heart-wrenching sight. so, our new family goal is to take care of wonderboy. we have to make him more plump and healthy!!! yeah!! hahaha.. here's the picture of wonderboy. this picture was taken from auntie haziah's webpage, feel free to visit it when ur free.. :D