Sunday, January 2, 2011

novels anyone??

yea, its been ancient since my last post. the truth is, i don't even know what to blab about in here. i'm not really like my friends who constantly post interesting post regularly. pardon me for that though. and now, i reaalllllllyyy wanted to post something. lol.

have u guys ever read any sort of novels? u should read u know? its the food and supplement for your mind. its a healthy sort of diet to ur mind. but all of it comes down to what TYPE of novels are u actually reading? but then again, u still read so bravo to u. hehe. anyway, i wanted to talk about the assignment that i've got from Mr. Mazlan, our Novels and Short Stories lecturer. he is a one interesting man, that guy is. hah, but then his class is always interesting and fun even though its our first morning class. he gave us a task of finding a social novel that matches the criteria that he had told us. yea well. at first i thought "hmm, mcm mna la nak cari nih? ish2, susah jgk nih." but then, when i had started the search on the suitable novel, dang!! my 1st choice novel is the most common novel that many of my classmates will choose. who in the world does not even know about Jodi Picoult eh? they must be living under the shell if they don't. after about an hour of painstakingly combing through all of the fiction and literary fiction section at MPH, i finally found it. with the help of shafeena azly of course. nasib baik cukup kredit for calling her and asking on her opinion. hehe. the title is called a gate at the stairs by Lorrie Moore. i do hope Mr. Mazlan approved this novel and i sure do hope that no one will choose the same novel as i am.