Saturday, March 5, 2011

poetry: the road to my mother's heart (part A -introductory essay) haha

its been so long since my last post. the thing is, i've been busy n it is a verryyy hectic month. it nearly drives me insane but still, Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah that i've been successful in keeping myself in check. amin. the main reason for me to start blogging again after my procrastination is that a topic on the love of my life!!! MY MOTHER. so here goes nothing. (p.s: if u're bored, then feel free to navigate away from this page aite? hehe, this is my shyness n not confident self saying).

sometimes, i'm quite bored in my classes so i would doodle something in my notebook.(just to make it look like i've been taking n then it strucks me that its nearly 21st of April!!!! ooooo myyyy POTTER!!!! haha, that means that my mother's birthday is jussssttttt around the corner. every year, i would compose a poem for her. all of it started from my days in boarding school. my first poem for my mom is actually what i compose in BM class in the spur of the moment. yea well its my first experience of truly living independently without my family so i sort of let all of my emotions flow into that sajak. to me, that sajak is quite lame 'cause my BM skills are soooo rusted n its quite awkward for me to compose a poem in BM. hehe, but then that is because i do not know how to have all those flowery introductions or bombastic words in BM. i'm the kind of person who will share her thoughts on a piece of paper. hhm, i am thinking of making a scavenger hunt to hunt back all of the poems that i gave to my mum. until later then. (>.*)

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