Monday, October 12, 2009

yeah!! my dad have successfully graduated!!

lol.. my dad actually said to me "jgn ltk ape2 dlm blog.. buat malu papa je..". however, what the heck??? lol.. i'm just so damn excited n thankful to Allah for his success. my dad just received his MBA in business admin. lol, all the best PAPA!!! luv ya so much!! lol.. actually, my mother n i entered the hall to watch my father receiving his scroll or wtvr. it is in such long HOURS!!! we're so bored with the ceremony what with the formality thingy n the gamelan n yada2... a guy next to me actually falls asleep n SNORES!! lol, its quite funny actually when suddenly out of nowhere, someone just snores. not to mention, he brought a can of soya bean n many more. lol.. but then, what do u expect from a graduation ceremony? da name goes on and on, n my mother was like "bila nak habis ni? mama ngantuk la. ish, lapar jugak nih. anis ada gula2 x?.". n i was like "duh, mama ni.. anis xterpikir nak bwk gula2 pun.. heh.. bertahan je la ma..". heh, my dad said that he want me to be motivated by seeing da graduands successfully graduated from the university. well, to tell u da truth, i'm motivated to graduate succesfully too. i want to make my parents proud of me. yah? ahaha.. da valedictorian's speech were so touching. i like his speech. its an inspiring and a touching speech. my mom cried when he mentioned about his family, his parents' effort to bring him up. da veledictorian is bro Muhamad Farid bin Sani n he is a graduated student from the bachelor of dietetics course. Good speech bro!! lol.. nway, of course we take several picture for memories. n my dad look like we've gained several pounds. yeah well, we're in a good mood after all.. lol.. :D

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