Thursday, October 15, 2009

my BELOVED friends..

hmm.. this post is what i called as a tribute to my closest friends.. lol.. 1st of all, my best friend from my MRSM days till now, miss NAJIHAH HAMZAH a.k.a JIJI.. i luv as my dearest friend bcoz of her support n her patience in enduring my crappy attidude. lol.. should i say that during my MRSM years, i'm an emotional wreck. lol, n da person who's always at my side is of course my darling JIJI.. i lurve her tutorial but i'm just clueless in editing my pics so, she's da one who is responsible for all da lovely pic dat she has edited for me. she's also one of my fashion advisor, coz to me, she is like a trend setter.. lol.. ur fashion is kinda updated. lol.. luv ya JIJI.. hope our friendship last yah?? i lurve ur style n u as well. i lurve dis pic of u..

the 2nd one, i dedicated to miss FARISSA FISOL a.k.a FARISSA.. lol.. i've got to known her since my 1st sem in CFS IIUM, coz we nearly hav all da classes together. yea well, she is da opposite of me, just like JIJI is n she has her own (shall i say) unique character. lol, she is kinda moody sumtimes (heh, sorry weyh) but yea it is her personality so i dont mind at all. hmm, she is also my fashion advisor?? lol.. one of my fashion advisor coz i admit dat i hav a lousy taste in fashion. hahaha.. she luv to capture herself in pic n she is one of da girls yg pantang tgk cermin. klu nmpk cermin je, trus bwk kuar hp nak tgkp gmbr. hahaa.. tau la ko lawa kan?? future datin la katakan. nway, ur taste of fashion r (slightly... :D) more expensive than me lah.. yea la, ak beli bundle je. dpt diskaun. hahaha.. ko py taste, LV, MNG, ZARA, CROCS, xmain la murah2. hahaaa.. jgn marah eh?? hehe.. nway, i luv dis pic of u. (ni edit bg nmpk putih je tuh).. hehhee.. mesti ko kata ak dengki kat ko nih.. hahaha..

last but not least of course, is to my friend since i'm in standard 5 at primary school, TEH NOR AISHAH MOHD IKMAL a.k.a AISHAH.. she had endured n suffured a great deal in her life n that is her main quality that amazes me. yea, sorry if i make sumthng dat upset u in da past. she's always by my side n humble in every way. its just so unfair that we couldnt see each other for a long time. luv ya. hope our friendship last 4ever.. amin. dis pic was taken 2 years ago n its da last time i've seen her but we still keep contacting each other..


farysa said...

eh,mne lg sorg?wait,aku tetap putey jgk diluar...itu xleh dinafikan...ahahaha =)

petite said...

mna ada lagi sorang.. ko pening eh??? ahaha.. mna ada.. ko kuning langsat kot.. hehhee.. =D

najihah hamzah said...

"ur fashion is kinda updated"

kinda??? kinda je? pfffft anis.hahaha.

petite said...

haha jiji dear, dnt be mad. lol.. :p
okay2, it is updated.. lol. that 'kinda' is just a slang lar darl.. lol.. :D