Sunday, November 1, 2009

hey peeps!!

hmm, i just read one of my friend's blog n it makes me wanna write a new post. lol.. anyway, yea. i absolutely agree with u. friends r for better or for worse. we stick to each other no matter what happens. so, i don't mind if u wanna say anything about me coz i can't say that i understand ur feelings. however, i do try my hardest to understand the difficulties that u r living through right now. i will totally pray for u n our friends success in ur exams!!! Good Luck guys!! Our friends and i will b praying for u guys!! after all, our friendship is a sacred thing n it is important in our life to have someone to get mad at, fight, support, advise each other n etc. friendship is cool!! lol..

p.s.: i admit this post is kinda lame but what the heck???!! lol.. LMAO :D


~BaBYHEarTY ~ said...

salam.. is it from my blog???
i agree wit u anis.. totally..
who cares if it is bit lame kn..
wanna ask u sumthing, hw u setting ur blog so dat people can comment our post?? me also encountered wit same me fren..

petite said...

hmm.. not sure lah. tp pi kat setting. mesti ada. yup2.. mmg dr blog ko pun.. :P