Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a thought to share.. :D

as i sit in silence,
and reminiscing,
about past memories,
the tearful,
the excitement,
the strees,
the happiness,
the fights,
the vagueness.

it all came to me with a crash of
old fondness..
each memory held a very dear value
to me in person..

life in school,
starting from SKTTDI 1
continuing to SMKTTDI,
n from that to MRSM..
school days r a pain but
it is a fun thing to do..

life in foundation studies..
da most recent event in my life..
meeting new friends,
fighting with them..
maturing together,
facing problems together,
n solving it altogether...

all of it is a memorable experiences
that are gifted by HIM to us..
let us treasure the memories that
we obtained until now in our
most high security vault.. :D


~BaBYHEarTY ~ said...

owwwhh.. so touching la anis..
teringat la kenangan mse kt nilai dlu..
apepon thanx 4 being part of my teen life...

petite said...

hahaa.. no poblem.
thanx to u too!! :D

farysa said...

di intai pic2 ni
ade jgk mke aku teselit eyh
terharu ohhhh

petite said...

hahaa.. semestinya la ada gmbr ko. gmbr azie pun ada. *wink*..
luv u guys!! <3 :D

najihah hamzah said...

and i'm so proud to be the first picture! woot.

btw anis i bosan nk mmps. sampai edit benda merepek je. i am so uninspired. damn.

petite said...

haha, of course jiji, ur my BFF!!!
lol.. u bosan?? ape kate u habiskan masa u, edit my pics?? hehee..
atleast its worth it.. lol.. :D