Saturday, November 20, 2010

- a very boring composition from a bored gurl-

An actress? hmm, of course whenever i thought of one, the name Emma Watson will immediately come to mind. the name brings a lot of memories to my mind every time i hears it. She's the same age as me but she achieved success in a very young age. i respect her. really i do. even tough she's an actress, she's smart, very level-headed to say the least and she's not really your typical type of actress gone to rehab type. she's not like Lyndsay, or Britney, or any other young Hollywood stars who had lost their way in what is wrong and what is right. virtues are so hard to come by in a young actress these days.

sure, we have the oh-so-innocent looking actresses in Disney or any other children production, but whenever they wanna shed the Disney kid's look, they would go the extreme. they would be making a really matured video wearing revealing clothes that are really revealing just to say or show to the world that they are indeed an adult or matured enough. that is just shallow. you could always show or prove to the world that you are matured or and adult by showing your intelligence, your virtues, and your natural beauty to say the least.

no matter if you are a rich heiress, a daughter of a very famous rock star, or a daughter to a carpenter, you are the same. A girl. A woman. no need to scantily clad in a piece of a scrap u called dress. if u possessed a natural beauty, whatever u wear -an overall, an ancient dress from ur great-grandmother or something hideous- will show ur true beauty. if u only dressed to kill. literally to kill a man's heart, why not opt to a more logical approach? challenge his intellect. u should know that u have a ground to stand to. do not let anybody control you. do not let the view of the public to control it. u have ur own life. ur life is ur territory. hmm. mayB i should stop 4 now. how about i share with u my most treasured autograph of Emma Watson? i received it during my studies in MJSC. i love it.

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