Friday, November 19, 2010

a poem for my dad

haha, this is sort of a late post bcuz my dad's bday is wayyyy over. lol. his bday is on the 2nd of October. i had created a veryyyy humble poem and i admit that it is not my best poem but, i don't care, the only thing that matters is that i'm sincere when i compose it. this is the card that i made with a very BIG help from my dear friend, Farissa. :D

this is the poem that i compose:

Splash, splash, the sound of water,
Pitter patter, the sound of rain,
the ancient memory of a 20years old daughter.

it makes her wonder,
of all the joy and pain,
caused by her father.

He's the 1st person that teaches her how to swim,
and reminds her not to sink.
no matter in the swimming pool,
or in the real life too.

Both of them share the same hobby;
they love to read but not from the same genre.
She resembles him in some of his personality,
and it makes her who she is now.

Is a drama king that emits laughter,
from his wife, son and daughter.
Come high or hell water,
she'll not trade him for any another.

Pardon me,
I know my English is not that good,
but i'm doing the best that i could.
All of these are from my conscience,
especially for you to reminiscence.

Creating a poem in a short amount of time
and to create a poem full of love and sincerity
is a very tricky manner.

For a loving father
from an appreciative daughter
from a blissful family.

Anis Amira Rosdi

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