Sunday, March 7, 2010

tired. hectic month.

hey there.
its been a while since i last updated my blog. my life is a lil bit hectic rite now. with all the assignments, research paper, presentations, martial arts class.. yada, yada... i'm really juggling rite now. not to mention that i have problems with my friends and surroundings as well.

haha.. looks problematic ain't it? but yea, apart from all the hectic events that happens my life, i still treasure every seconds of it cuz ya never noe if it could teach u sumthng n save u from future distress.

owh, by the way, my ptptn money is totally gone!!! haha.. nope. just kidding, i'll save a part of it for my driving lessons that i would like to take. lol. can't wait. my silat class had started n i met a lot of new friends with various attitudes and personality. it's a refreshing thing for me to do because by knowing a few new faces, u could actually expand ur connections n yea, i kinda like my new friends in silat cekak hanafi. first of all, of course, kak najla- a really cute senior with an attitude that u would not expect from her at all. haha.. nest stop: kak jannah- a really funky n fun senior that my cuz, abg uda or as they call him in the silat- abg daus- is the one that introduces her to me. the thing is, whenever she sees me in silat, she would actually pick me up n spin me around. (of course i would squeal) haha.. the next one is of course, hajar- a really fun friend who is a lil bit chubby but really fun to be with. hmm, if i start describing every person in there then its going to be several pages long so i'm gonna stop here. hehe.. :D

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